ESG Management

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ESG Management
Shinsegae I&C has chosen 7 core values for ESG management to follow through on our commitment to sustainable growth and the fulfillment of our social responsibility, and the ESG team implements tasks necessary to practice our core values, thereby resulting in organic ESG management.
7 Core Values for ESG
  • People-oriented management Ensure competitiveness for growth by recruiting talent and developing employees’ skills and competencies.
  • Create an employee-friendly working environment Protect the rights and interest of employees including human rights, safety, and work-life balance, and create a healthy corporate culture of respect for diversity.
  • Offer safe services Provide high-quality, safe services to customers by embedding proactive risk management systems in the process of developing and operating our systems.
  • Proactively respond to climate change Contribute to achieving carbon neutrality across the board by reducing GHG emissions, developing high energy-efficient solutions, introducing high-efficiency equipment, managing waste equipment, and expanding green businesses.
  • Build partnerships to grow together Promote a fair and transparent business culture in dealings with partners and build partnerships for shared growth.
  • Give back to the community Actively get involved in volunteer activities and expand social contribution activities taking advantage of IT to help create a better humane society.
  • Sound and transparent corporate governance Increase shareholder value and ensure sound corporate governance by disclosing financial and non-financial information with transparency.
ESG Management System
The ESG Committee under
the Board of Directors

make risk

ESG Management Team

report major
ESG risks

provide risk

Related Teams

HR, General Affair, Procurement, Finance, ESG,
Information Security,
Quality Innovation, Data Center

communicate risk
and key issues


Everyone at Shinsegae I&C is expected to work together to create and maintain an open, honest and transparent corporate culture
ESG Management
  • Our ESG Management Team carries out all facets of CSR activities. This includes transparent management, mutually beneficial management, environmentally friendly management and social contributions.
Internal Accounting System
  • We maintain an internal accounting control system and an electronically-operated accounting system for financial transparency.
Compliance with the Shinsegae Group’s Code of Ethics (CREDO)
  • We follow all aspects of the Shinsegae Group’s Code of Ethics, formally known as CREDO. It outlines the principles and practices that the company and its employees must adhere to in order to practice our CSR management activities as fully and faithfully as possible.
Three Major Reporting Policies
  • Shinsegae I&C implements three reporting systems to maintain a sound corporate culture against bribery and favoritism.
    • Kickback Reporting A channel designed to report bribery
    • Reporting Dealings among Acquaintances A system designed to inform the company about business dealings between our employees and those of partner companies
    • Shinsegae Pay A payment platform that allows employees to pay individually at social gatherings


Shinsegae I&C treats all its partners with respect and promotes mutual benefits.
We contribute to creating a healthy corporate ecosystem with our partners. Any unreasonable treatment by any member of Shinsegae I&C should be reported to our CSR Hotline immediately. We would also appreciate any ideas or suggestions for improvement.


Environmental Management Policy
Shinsegae I&C values sustainability. To foster an environment-friendly corporate culture and raise ESG awareness in conducting business, Shinsegae I&C is committed to the following principles:
  • 1Comply with domestic and foreign laws and regulations on the environment and international agreements and accept social and ethical responsibilities.
  • 2Continuously improve the environment management system by monitoring environmental impacts and risks in conducting business.
  • 3Provide a wide range of programs and learning opportunities to employees and partners to raise environmental awareness.
  • 4Ensure environment-related corporate data transparency and engage in earnest communication with stakeholders.
November, 2021 CEO, SHINSEGAE I&C
  • General affairs relating to environment management
  • Manage result of environment management and review improvement direction
ESG Management Team
  • Establish annual environment management plans and formulate evaluation indicators
  • Monitor and evaluate environmental performance
  • Respond to and coordinate on environmental issues
Data Center Team
  • Monitor and manage energy-efficiency of Data Center
  • Control GHG emissions and pursue plans to reduce emissions
General Affair Team
  • Manage energy, water and waste
Environmental Activities
Green Data Center
  • Building green infrastructures to save energy and reduce carbon emissions
Reduce our energy consumption by limiting heavy use of lighting, air conditioners and servers.
Towards an Eco-Friendly Corporate Culture
  • Practicing environmentally friendly management
Promote energy-saving activities.
Environmental Protection Activities
  • Protecting the environment of the communities where we operate
Green Data Center
  • Shinsegae I&C goes green with its buildings and data centers as part of its contribution to saving energy and preserving the environment. We install water-saving toilets and LED lights in all our facilities. Our Data Center, built to achieve a PUE* of 1.4 or less, is equipped with Green IT Solutions like cooling and heating devices running on geothermal energy collected from parking lots, and energy-saving freezers.
    * Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE): The closer the number is to 1, the higher the power efficiency of the Data Center is.
Towards an Eco-Friendly Corporate Culture
  • Shinsegae I&C is eco-friendly in all of its infrastructures and business operations. We use video conferences for efficient communications and use soft copies to reduce carbon emissions. Also, all of our employees use mugs instead of plastic or paper cups.
Environmental Protection Activities
  • Each year, our employees actively take part in programs to protect the environment of the communities where we operate.

Human Rights

Shinsegae I&C actively implements human rights management to ensure that all our employees and stakeholders are treated with respect and appreciation and perform their job in a safe and pleasant working environment.
Education on
human rights
  • All employees receive human rights education every year on such topics as bullying at work, disability awareness, sexual harassment, verbal abuse, and violence as part of efforts to promote and enhance their knowledge of human rights.
Respect for diversity
  • The company shall respect diversity among our employees and no employee shall be discriminated against on the basis of gender, race, nationality, religion, age or disability.
A safe working environment
  • A team of health and safety managers provides employees with health and safety education, monitors compliance with health and safety regulations, and inspects facilities for safety check-ups on a monthly basis in order to maintain a safe working environment.