Digital Retail

The start of smart retail space where retail tech is integrated,
we deliver a new shopping experience to consumers.


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Shinsegae I&C readily offers metaverse services for retail industry.
  • VR shopping

  • AR marketing

  • VR job training

  • Virtual interior

Shinsegae I&C
Metaverse platform


AR takes retail industry to another level.
AR provides real-life details about the product and more satisfaction with the product.
  • AR simulation
    AR simulation

    Product simulation, consulting on product placement and shopping tag, using space measurement and object recognition

  • AR information
    AR information

    AR marketing and AR navigation based on computer vision and geolocation

  • AR Collaboration
    AR Collaboration

    Remote job training and apprenticeship


We build SHINSEGAE VR Town based on VR platform, and provide various VR services.
  • VR 트레이닝
    VR Training

    VR immersive learning
    2.7 times more effective than traditional learning

  • 스마트 피팅
    Smart Fitting

    A realistic virtual fitting room with Avatar linking technology

  • VR 인테리어
    VR Interior

    Placing furniture and home appliances in virtual home
    Better decision making and more satisfaction