IT Service

With the industry’s best distribution IT experts, we provide digital technology based
IT services which could lead the 4th Industrial Revolution.

System Operation

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With years-worth of experience in retail industry and exceptional human resources, we provide the most reliable IT system operation and maintenance in industry.
  • Fast and automated advanced IT service
    • Meets the evolving expectations of customers
    • Flexible response to new business
    • Provides a working environment of the highest quality
  • Cost savings and productivity innovation
    • Uses the latest IT technologies
    • Provides the best possible solution
    • Fosters innovations for business process
  • All-year-round uninterrupted service
    • Responds preemptively to risks (DR/Redundancies)
    • Control tower for resolving service breakdowns
  • Impeccable data protection
    • Diagnosis management by experts
    • Physical/Technology protection measures have been implemented.

Areas of Specialization

[Direct Purchase Retail business]
[Commercial Real Estate business]
[Storeless, online retail business]
[Fashion and Home Furnishing business]
[Food and Beverage business]
[Construction business]

Key Systems and Services

  • Contracts/MD/SCM
    • Partner/tenant contract management
    • Product registration management
    • Order management
    • Order placement/imports and exports
    • Logistics, quality inspection
  • Sales/Marketing
    • Store and sales management
    • Customer relationship management
    • Retail shelf planning (POG)
    • Culture center management
    • Call center management
    • Broadcasting and contents management
  • Sales Support
    • POS system
    • Cashier management
    • Material procurement planning
    • Franchisee/tenant management
    • Website and app management
  • Data Analysis
    • DWH
    • BI
    • DBA
    • Demand forecasting
    • Logistics, quality inspection
  • Common Services
    • Human Resources
    • Finance/Management
    • Enterprise Portal
      (groupware/messenger, etc.)
    • Control tower
  • Others
    • Broadcasting and contents management
    • Construction project and procurement
    • Smart construction safety management
    • Jira/Confluence

Service Innovations

Shinsegae I&C reinvents its systems, operations, and services optimized for businesses.
Service Innovations
Migration to PaaS (Platform as a Service)
Business systems leveraging the latest digital technologies
. DevOps, MSA, AI/ML, RPA, data science, SAP ERP and more
Training experts in information technology and business
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