Digital Retail

The start of smart retail space where retail tech is integrated,
we deliver a new shopping experience to consumers.

Smart Retail

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Self-service store

South Korea’s first self-service store opened by Shinsegae I&C presents a vision for the future of retail stores that integrate retail techs like computer vision and Cloud POS.
The concentration of cutting-edge IT technologies
  • Uses AI-based computer vision, Deep Learning technology, and sensor fusion technologies for identifying products
  • A cloud POS technology-based automatic payment solution is implemented.
Provides a new shopping experience
  • Offers the new experience of automatic payment of purchases when users walk out of the store after shopping
  • Convenience of not having to wait in line


Robotics provides new customer experience and improve productivity.
Shinsegae I&C promotes the role of robotics in retail industry with its robot control, computer vision and automated driving technology and more.
Service Robot
  • Service robots assist humans in performing a job with the objective of improving the quality of the work. Provide functions like serving, bussing, cruise delivery, etc.
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Smart Shelf

Smart Shelf, which combines technologies like AI vision, Deep Learning, and weight sensors, is a retail solution with which customers can operate a small retail store or Self-service store (Totally Self-Store or employee during the day, self-service at night)
Increased consumer
  • The user can easily open the shelf door and grab the product without the need for scanning the product barcode and a payment process. The payment proceeds automatically.
  • Offers a quick, convenient shopping experience.
Increased work efficiency
  • Revenues can be generated without the need for an employee.
  • Besides beverages, goods, books, and apparel are ideal items to sell.
  • Authorized storage/display is possible.
Price competitiveness
  • All the devices needed to implement the self store technology are embedded in the shelf, so it offers the best value for money.


Shinsegae I&C’s Self-Checkout is equipment that allows customers to purchase goods and make payment by themselves.
It features a weight checking function and has an excellent customer UX/UI. It also accepts several modes of payment including paper gift certificates.
Loss prevention function
  • With the integration of weight checking function, product scanning omission and loss can be prevented.
Provides customized functions
  • The function/screen configuration can be changed to match customer needs and store size better.
Many references
  • Knowhow on installing the counter in some of South Korea’s largest stores (emart, emart traders).
Supports different modes of payment
  • All-In-One payment method including credit card, cash, mobile payment, and gift certificates.

Smart Vending Machine

The smart vending machine from Shinsegae I&C combines a traditional vending machine with a cloud POS kiosk and provides a new purchasing experience to customers.
  • Uses large 32“ kiosk screen
  • Equipment can be wrapped with a particular image
Payment Method
  • Credit card/Check card, mobile payment, mobile coupon
  • After accessing the mobile web through a smartphone, the user chooses the product and makes payment, all without touching the machine
  • N+N, A+B discount, card/membership discount, employee discount
  • Mixed use of hooks (the only vending machine in South Korea to use hooks), belts, and spiral modules
  • A broad range of products can be put up for sale from food to appliances and cosmetics
  • Products purchased in online malls can be picked up from a vending machine