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Data Center

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SHINSEGAE I&C Data Center is equipped with a redundant base infrastructure (e.g., electric power) that boasts of the best energy efficiency in South Korea. We provides the most optimal environment for safely utilizing the Clients company’s valuable data assets.
Achieved the highest level of global standard for safety
  • Tier III+ level, Power system and substation redundancy (2N)
  • Capable of withstanding 8-richter scale earthquakes, placed 8m aboveground to protect against floods, non-underground structure
Below PUE1.4 energy efficiency level and use of the latest IT technology
  • Uses nature-friendly indirect outside air, enclosed container
  • Environment that can accommodate a high integration/ high concentration of IT equipment

Key Facilities

Structure for supplying uninterrupted electric power supply
Electric power supply with redundancy
  • Dedicated lead-in power cable comes from 2 substations
  • End-to-end redundant structure from KEPCO to IT equipment
Construction of a generator system for blackout emergencies
  • When a blackout occurs, uninterrupted power gets supplied through UPS & within less than 1 minute of turning on the generator.
Highest energy efficiency in South Korea
Zero-loss air-conditioning
  • Hot/Cold zone containment enclosed structure
  • Placed on high-level floor (5.9M), uses low-speed wind
Uses advanced high-efficiency air-conditioning technology
  • Uses compressor: maximizes use of outside natural air
  • Uses an integrated refrigeration device: supplies outside air heat exchange, air-conditioned air

Key Services

  • Data Center Service
    • Co-Location
    • Internet line
    • Control tower & backup
  • IT Infra Service
    • IT infrastructure consulting
    • Project execution
    • Integrated maintenance & repair
  • Cloud Service
    • Private cloud deployment
    • Consulting and design
    • Migration
  • CDN Service
    • Website structure improvement consulting
    • Site optimization-based CDN


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