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Information Security

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Information Security Service for Business -
From consulting to security solutions, Shinsegae I&C provides total security services.

Specialist in Information Security Guard

Shinsegae I&C’s information security brand
  • Cloud-based
  • All-in-one security solution (integrated agent)
  • On demand service
  • Immediate availability upon subscription

Information Security Management System (certification) consulting

Shinsegae I&C offers customized security solutions and consulting to protect client data from both internal and external threats.
Consulting Service
Certification consulting [ISMS(P), ISO, etc.],Total consulting (roadmap development),System vulnerability diagnosis,Source code vulnerability diagnosis,Web/App mock hacking,Personal data protection consulting
Consulting Service

PC Integrated Security
Cloud Service

SISGuard ONE, a cloud-based PC security service, offers integrated PC security functions.
Key Functions
Personal/sensitive data protection, Access control (ex. USB), Prevention of data leaks (DLP), Access control to non-work-related sites (ex. P2P), Vulnerability diagnosis, Working hours management (PC-OFF)
  • Reduced costs/operating expenses
    • No on-premise overheads
  • Integrated agent
    • A single, easy-to-maintain agent with multiple functions
  • Easy to use
    • Few clicks to install and use
  • Reasonable Price
    • On-demand service (billing based on functionalities used)
  • Immediate availability upon subscription
    • Sign-up on the Internet to use service
  • Compliance support
    • Compliance support (Personal Information Protection Act, etc)

WEB Integrated Security Cloud Service

SISGuard WEB, an integrated cloud service, provides all-in-one web security for enterprises.
Key Functions
  • SW’s Web Application Firewall for vulnerability detection and response against cyber attack
  • Malicious webshell detection
  • Detection of hidden malware on website
  • Website forgeries/alterations detection
    (Unauthorized changes in source code)
  • In-depth analysis of malicious webshell and code
  • All-in-one security features
    • Single agent with multiple web security features
  • Reasonable price
    • No need for costly development
    • Billing based on functionalities used
  • Installation without interruption
    • Simple installation without service interruption
  • Proactive response to cyber attacks
    • Proactive preventive measures against cyber attacks and prompt response

AI AI-based Security Control Tower Service

Shinsegae I&C’s AI-based security control tower service provides all-year-round monitoring for fast and early detections.
Customer Company : Firewall, Web Firewall, UTM, IPS ↔ Internet ↔ SISGuard AI
  • Network traffic analysis
    • Encrypted malicious network analysis, which detects
      suspicious activities with no apparent malicious behavior patterns
  • AI (machine learning) analysis support
    • Malicious behavior detection through AI-based correlation analysis
  • Global Threat Information (TI)
    • Provides information about attacker IPs and attack patterns
      collected from 113 countries
  • Enhanced response to cyber attacks
    • Proactive preventive measures against cyber attacks and prompt response