From chatbots to demand forecasting, personalized recommendation service and RPA(Robotic Process Automation),
we provide AI technology that can innovate business.


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Shinsegae I&C RPA, which specializes in common tasks in all enterprice system such as finance and HR, and industries such as fashion, retail, food and beverage, improves work productivity and set up a cost-effective RPA system by modularizing/automating repetitive and ruled tasks.

Service Areas

We devise a smart digital workforce for your successful business.

Shinsegae I&C proposes an optimized RPA system for customers through experience in numerous RPA projects and IT services using various solution line-ups at home and abroad. Also, RPA supports rapid connection with ERP, groupware, and financial/government institution systems.
Consulting Service
  • Quickly draw/select agenda based on existing assets and analyze expected effects
  • Made up of platform-based standardized/modularized functions that can be reused in the enterprise.
  • Establishes an RPA operating model optimized for the enterprise environment and difficulty level of the tasks
System Deployment/ Solution Sales
  • Possesses different kinds of RPA solution technologies such as Automation Anywhere and A.WORKS
  • Performs POC and pilot / most optimized RPA solution that meets the needs of customers
  • Seamless link to SAP, groupware, and in-house systems
  • Official partner of A.WORKS, a domestic solution supplied by POSCO ICT
Reliable System Operation
  • Reliable cloud-based system operation
  • Provides a portal for RPA operations (scheduled)
  • Provide training and technical support for strengthening the capabilities of RPA (e.g., agenda selection and automation development)


RPA can do it quickly & easily with low cost & high efficiency

By providing an IDC cloud-based RPA server, Shinsegae I&C can help companies minimize infrastructure building costs and investment costs.
With the RPA-dedicated portal, companies can easily control the RPA system
Guaranteed the quality of service based on
technological advantages
  • Real-time monitoring of task execution results and failures
  • Notification of task execution results by messenger
  • Tasks executed using an RPA-dedicated portal
Cost savings realized through shared services
  • An RPA platform for common tasks
  • Provides cloud-based RPA server
Standard guide and modularized function
  • Common functions (e.g., tasks like processing slips, sending mails) modularized
  • Standardized development method guide

Benefits of Deployment

Shinsegae I&C’s RPA solution will increase your productivity at work. With RPA, the unlimited potential of employees will be realized.
Start experiencing it today!
  • Reduce time spent on completing tasks

    Average reduction of 71%
    (2,067 hours/month can be saved)

  • Increase convenience
    at work

    Eliminate need to work
    on weekends/ evenings

  • Improve precision of tasks completed

    Average reduction in
    reworks: 80%

  • Do advanced work

    Employee can focus
    on high-value tasks


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