From chatbots to demand forecasting, and RPA(Robotic Process Automation),
we provide AI technology that can innovate business.


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Spharos AI Chatbot, an AI chatbot, comprehends the user’s question and engages in a human-level conversation through natural language processing.
NLP service
  • Customizable to meet customer needs
Integration with other
AI Service
  • Support with AI personalization, Search engines
Voice Service
  • Voice recognition/synthesis technology
A collection of Iaas
  • Support multiple infrastructures including Shinsegae I&C private cloud, AWS, GCP and etc

Case Study

case study
Shinsegae Department Store S-bot
Key Functions
  • Store information, shopping information, customer service and more
Expected Benefits
1 Automatic response to simple questions using Chatbot
  • Managing up to 70% of call center inquiries
  • Reduced call center operation cost
2 Customer service available 24/7
  • Provides customer service past call center hours
3 Improved Customer service quality
  • Increased CS channels with longer service hours
  • Improved CS efficiency during peak hours
  • Processing increased amount of CS tasks


Spharos AI Forcast, the first SaaS platform for forecasting demand for distribution,
offers fast and accurate demand forecasting service.
Product demand forecasting Product demand forecasting

Prevents inventory surplus & shortages by automating and optimizing the order placement based on demand forecasting

Price Optimization Price Optimization

Offers best prices based on events, promotions, seasonal events, and anniversaries

  • 1Fast and accurate forecasting
    • Based on retail-specific features like trends, price, events, promotions, weather and customers
  • 2Lowest cost in the industry
    • No cost for initial setup and monthly subscription fee 50% less than the industry average
  • 3A trusted security system
    • Managed by MSP experts certified in AWS Retail Competency


Spharos AI Vision, Shinsegae I&C’s Deep Learning & Vision platform, provides computer vision technology optimized for retail industry.
  • Product Detection/Recognition
  • Customer Tracking
  • Customer Activity Recognition
  • Sensor Fusion
  • Customer Registration
    Customer Registration
    (QR code)
  • Person Tracking
    Person Tracking
  • Sensor Fusion Product Recognition Behavior Analysis
    Sensor Fusion
    Product Recognition
    Behavior Analysis
  • Verification
  • Auto Check Out
    Auto Check Out