From Cloud POS to membership and state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure,
we can recommend tailored solutions for digital transformations.

Cloud POS

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What are the problems of the existing POS solutions?
  • Limited functions

  • Slow service development/

  • Weak data security

  • High development costs/
    maintenance & repair cost

With Spharos Cloud POS, these problems are gone.
  • Strengths
    High utility that comes from its compatibility with diverse types of devices
    Convenience of being able to select and use the method of payment
    Check sales and settlement figures anytime, anywhere
    Variety of additional services that are continuously becoming available
    Best knowhow in the development/operations of distribution IT in South Korea
  • Vulnerabilities
    Initial development costs and maintenance/repair costs
    Risks of data loss
    Device operation restrictions
    System connectivity restrictions
    Program distribution stress
Shinsegae I&C, the leader of POS technology in South Korea, has introduced the new cloud-based POS solution with new features and unparalleled convenience that traditional POS solutions have been unable to provide.
  • Back Office

    Sales Management / Inventory Management / Store Management / Employee Management / Payment Settlement / Member Store Management / · · ·

  • POS

    Mobile Payment / Smart order / Mobile ordering & delivery / Gift / Membership / Tax refund / Inventory Management· · ·

  • Industry Sectors

    Discount stores & supermarkets / Malls / Fashion & miscellaneous goods / Luxury goods / Outdoor & sports stores/ Franchise / Small merchants · · ·

  • Device

    POS / Tablet / Mobile / Smart vending machine / Self-Checkout / Kiosk / Mobile APP / Self-service store

  • OS

    Windows / Android / Linux / iOS (scheduled)

Service Characteristics

  • Diverse payment services
    • Supports all payment methods
    • New payment methods immediately deployable with no additional development
    • Wide range of additional services for increasing revenues
  • Cost-effective operation of equipment
    • Diverse types of devices support such as POS, tablet, and mobile.
    • The service can be used together with self counters and kiosks.
    • POS functions are implemented in different types of equipment.
  • Reasonable cost
    • The service can be used by paying only the usage fee with no initial installation fees.
    • Cost savings of up to 23% can be realized by developing in-house (based on 5-year TCO).
    • The program development cost for each type of device can be reduced through the sharing of business logic.
  • Implementable on different types of infrastructure
    • Implementable on public clouds like AWS and AZURE
    • Can be operated by Shinsegae I&C or customer’s IDC
    • Implementable on fixed line/wireless and LTE

Key Services

From different methods of payment (credit card, cash, and mobile payment) to additional services for increasing customers and revenues, a customer can select and immediately use only the necessary functions.
Payment Service
Payment Method

Credit card, cash, app card, gift certificate, mobile coupon, and gifticon

Foreigner- Oriented

Alipay, Wechatpay, Union Pay card DCC, Tax Refund

Simplified Payment

SSGPAY, KakaoPay, Naver Pay, SmilePay, T Money, Zeropay, Regional pay

Additional Service
Smart Order

NAVER, Kakao, NICE, etc.

Mobile ordering / delivery

Baemin, Yogiyo, Baedaltong, etc. Barogo, Vroong, Saenggakdaero

Send gifts from store

Function for sending gifts


Manage members, collect mileage points

Parking fee payment



N+1, dadais, SNS order

Back Office
Store Management

Product, inventory, settlement, employee management / revenue analysis

F&B Management

Management/Settlement of franchisee member stores, order/delivery company settlement

Responsive UI/UX

Provides web/mobile app

Other Functions
ERP linkup

Linkup to all customer ERP, e.g., SAP