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Cloud EDI, cloud-based EDI service, processes online/offline EDI data exchanged between customers and their clients.
  • Cloud
    EDI Service

    Provides cloud-based electronic document interchange (EDI)

  • EDI Service
    for Retail

    EDI service for discount stores and CVS in and outside Korea

  • Data

    Online/offline data integration with legacy system

  • Web Scrapping

    Data collection service (RPA)


eCvan, a data exchange service, processes orders and supply between retailers and vendors.
EDI(standard electronic document for retail) : Retail EDI portal service,Use of standard document format,specific to retail industry,Automated EDI transmission
EPC(product management) : On/Offline ,Product registration management,Standard/non-standard codes accpeted
Semi-SCM(delivery/ revenues/ inventory management) : Order/Delivery management,Revenue/Inventory checking,Payment of bill/payment information
BI(data analysis service) : Sales data analysis,Delivery/inventory analysis,Analysis report by product/store


eCtax, an electronic tax invoice service,
electronically issues, transmits, receives and stores tax invoices.
Electronic Tax Invoice : Issuance of tax invoice for buyer/supplier,Automated issuance of tax invoice by the recipient
Electronic Document : Transaction details,Deposit slip,Receipt
Purchase Integration : Automated collection of purchase tax invoices,Home tax automatic adjustments,Generation of total table for slips/other evidentiary documents
Bulk Generation


eCdocu, a paperless service, processes bids, contracts and official documents in electronic form.
eCdocu 신세계 전자계약/입찰 서비스
Electronic Contract : Contracts based on public certificates,Contract form management,Electronic revenue stamp management,Linked to corporate credit rating information
Electronic Bidding : Standardized bidding process,Many forms of bidding supported,Management and evaluation of partner companies
Electronic Document : Template management,Large volume document transmission,Systematic archive management
Information Link : Contract/Bidding information,Automatic integration with system
eCdocu 신세계 전자계약/입찰 서비스