From cloud POS to membership and state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure,
we can recommend tailored solutions for digital transformations.

Cloud Membership

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Spharos Cloud Membership services support effective customer management and successful marketing. It is a cloud-based innovative membership solution that anyone can conveniently and quickly adopt.

Service Characteristics

  • Reasonable monthly fees
    • No initial setup costs
    • Service immediately usable by simply paying monthly fees
    • Effectiveness assessable through pilot service
    • Price level dependent on the size of the company
  • AWS-based reliable infrastructure
    • The cloud-based nature of the service ensures that the service can be operated reliably even in times of momentary increase in usage levels.
  • Provide all services for membership
    • All services provided from basic membership to personal data management
    • Shinsegae mileage points operations knowhow
    • Policies applying into effect just through simple settings
    • Can be used by anyone from small merchants to conglomerates
  • Correct target marketing
    • Recommend goods/contents that could appeal to a customer at the personal level.
    • Provide mobile app template tailored for each type of work.

Key Services

Based on the knowhow learned through several years of operating Shinsegae Point, the country’s preeminent membership service, we carefully select only those functions proven to have shown beneficial effects for customer management and revenue growth, package them into services, and provide them at reasonable price levels.
Key Services

Management of members

Accumulation of mileage points

Management of customer grade levels


Recommend products/contents tailored for the customer

Marketing centered on the customer’s channels of preference

Function for managing each phase of a campaign: planning, targeting, performance evaluations, etc.

Customer Analysis

Provides a dashboard for analyzing customers.
Attributes of members can be analyzed, analysis of customers at each stage of the human life cycle

Mobile APP

Provides tailored APP template
: payment/accumulation, personalized, marketing, interactive, etc.

Provides shopping information
: information on QR code, mileage points, goods, events, and coupons

Call Center

Call center support for responding to consumer inquiries about membership that arrive through phone and messenger

Can link call center to the CTI system of the customer company

Personal Data Protection Agent Service

Provides managerial service and technological protection measures for protecting personal data

Shinsegae Group’s strict privacy standards applied