IT Solution Provider

We provide the best tailored services for the needs of the solution business,
such as servers, storage, and network transmission equipment.

IT Solution Provider

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Electronic Shelf Label

Electronic shelf labels, LCD-based signage, display product information and price fetched from the system in real-time.
  • More choices
    • A wide selection of tag sizes and types
      (2.9, 3.7, 7.5, 12.5, 2.9 frozen).
  • Operational stability
    • Stable data exchange and long battery life
  • Fast data processing
    • Distributive processing of tag image
    • Superior data transmission processing capability
  • NFC support
    • Dynamic NFC supported by all devices and quick product look-up by scanning tags
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ESL in Action

Escalator Handrail Sanitizer

EHC keeps handrails clean to protect customers from germs and prevents escalator-related accidents.
  • Sanitization and safety
    • Liquid disinfectant and UV LED sterilization
  • Visual marketing
    • Provides promotional and marketing service and store information
  • Centralized monitoring
    • Analyzes and monitors (temperature/humidity) foot traffic
  • Better hygiene
    • Prevents the spread of infection
  • Customer safety
    • Keep customers safe and prevents accidents
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EHC in Action

Wireless Charging Solution

An RF chip makes distant wireless charging possible, using miniature power amplifiers inside. With RF chips embedded, many devices have become battery-independent with no need for replacing batteries. This gave way to smart factories and buildings.
Wireless Charging Solution
수신기(Chip) : 무선 이어폰 - 스마트 워치 - 스마트폰/태블릿 - ESL(전자가격표시기) - 그 외 기타 디바이스
수신기(건전지) : 무선 키보드 - 무선 마우스 - 그 외 기타 디바이스
wireless charging transmitters
  • Customization
    • Provides customization for low-power, small to medium-sized home appliances
  • Distant wireless charging
    • Provides distant wireless charging that supports up to 12-meter distance
  • Simultaneous charging
    • Provides simultaneous charging for up to 12 devices
  • Fast charging
    • Supports small transmitters/receivers and faster charging speed twice as fast as competitors
  • Wireless charging with no space limit
    • Wireless charging near and distant at home or in office
  • Lower costs for battery replacement
    • Fewer resources spent on replacing batteries
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Digital Store

We offer a wide range of POS devices, PDAs and kiosks to maximize operational efficiency in department stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, cafes, restaurants and more.
Digital Store
키오스크, POS, PDA
Digital Store
  • Diverse retail businesses
    • A digital store small retailers, supermarkets, outlets and more
  • Efficient store operations
    • Convenient services for stable store operations
  • Integrated store management
    • Coherent management features like better revenue and employee management
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  • POS brochure
  • Kiosk brochure
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“Meet our retail solution experts who are currently the best in the country” With our digital solutions for the retail business, we build smart retail stores that can maximize the efficiency of store operations.
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