Compliance Management

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Shinsegae I&C implements Compliance Program (CP) for effective compliance management, which forms the backbone of fulfilling social responsibility. The company is striving to comply with any laws and create a fair trade/business practices culture by effectively operating the program.

CEO’s Commitment to Action

Recently, there is a growing worldwide trend of increasingly turning to non-financial criteria including environmental, social and governance performance as a measure of corporate value.

In line with this global trend, Shinsegae I&C has set up the ESG Committee this year and uses ESG as an important indicator in planning and implementing our business activities.

Compliance Program is an internal compliance system run by the company, under which we establish and comply with our internal rules and regulations to ensure compliance with laws and regulations on fair trade/ business practices.

The company will appoint compliance officers and managers for individual areas, publish and distribute a compliance manual, and provide regular education on fair trade.

The company is planning to provide extensive support for Compliance Program, including monitoring and auditing business areas where there is non-compliance risk, and operating a whistle-blowing system to allow employees to report violations of laws and regulations.

The program can produce tangible results when all employees are willing to comply with laws and regulations, faithfully follow the company’s guidance, and actively participate in education programs.

The company, for our part, offers incentives to employees who contribute to spreading a fair trade/ business practice culture while imposing strict measures against any acts of violation that run counter to this very culture.

I’m sincerely proud of the introduction of our ESG program marking a real step forward in our growth into a global corporation by elevating employees’ knowledge of compliance, with our commitment to achieve shared growth with our business partners and suppliers.

August, 2021 CEO, SHINSEGAE I&C

Compliance Program

  1. 01 Set and implement CP criteria
  2. 02 CEO’s commitment
    to compliance and support
  3. 03 Appoint compliance officers
  4. 04 Publish and utilize
    a compliance manual
  5. 05 Operate education programs
  6. 06 Create an internal
    monitoring system
  7. 07 Punitive actions
    against employees for
    violating fair trade laws and regulations
  8. 08 Effectiveness evaluation and
    measures for improvement


  1. December. employee training for the delivery price indexation system
  2. October. Hiring a compliance manager
  3. July. Creating a new process to resolve the subcontract price disputes
  4. June. employee training on protecting technical data and prohibition of requests
  1. December. Compliance officers have been appointed
  2. December. Conducted Company-wide fair-trade education
  3. November. Fair-Trade Compliance handbook amended
  4. July. Conducted Fair-Trade knowledge-sharing activities
  1. October. Publish a compliance manual
  2. September. Compliance officers have been appointed
  3. August. Rules on the operation of Compliance Program have been established
  • Compliance Supervisor
    ESG Management Team Manager
    Yeonsoo Jung
    Tel. 02) 3397-1173 E-mail.
  • Compliance Manager
    Legal Specialist Kim Jin-man
    Tel. 02) 3397-1073