IT Service

With the industry’s best distribution IT experts, we provide digital technology based
IT services which could lead the 4th Industrial Revolution.

System Development/Integration

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Global Solution

Shinsegae I&C implements systems compatible with global solutions like
SAP S/4 HANA and OpenText


  • The world’s no. 1 solution in enterprise information management and business process automation
  • Seamlessly integrated with SAP UI and process/data


  • Global standard process for every business sector
  • Best experienced in retail industry

OpenText provides a central management system for automated business processing (PO, SO, and AP) and decentralized enterprise data assets.

Increased convenience and productivity through automation of manual tasks → Information Processing → Document information extraction → Validity check/approval → Automatic generation of SAP business object
Centralized document management system → Information Management → SAP business process → Integrated work space → Document management process Enhanced productivity through better document generation/development → Information Delivery → Document generation/editing → Document integration → Document development


SAP S/4 HANA provides a unified environment for assortment management, demand
forecasting/automatic order placement, promotions, profit/loss analysis, digital workplace and more.

    • Role-based
    • All devices

    Simple User Experience

    • Digitally connected
    • Real time

    Simple Business Solutions

    • Without aggregates
    • Without redundancy

    Simple Data Model



A growing demand for contactless shopping has spurred the growth of e-Commerce.
You can readily set up a stable, community-based e-Commerce platform.
Dynamic network of customer needs, communication, contents information
Integrated shopping mall hub - EVENT (offline events and official events for collaborations) - CLUB (members-only club site) - SNS (Instagram, YouTube) - Brand site 2 - Brand site 1
Dynamic network of customer needs, communication, contents information
  • 1 Stability
    • Provides a standard platform for CX, UI, certifications and more
  • 2Speed
    • Provides back-office for fast development
  • 3Experience
    • Understanding of retail business and customer needs

Development Center

Shinsegae I&C has carried out numbers of projects for some of the most well-known fashion brands and retailers and readily provides state-of-the-art IT services in retail industry. Shinsegae I&C also leads cutting-edge IT projects for public.
Retail/ Technology expert - Shinsegae standard framework - Advanced distribution process
Retail Development Center
  • 1

    Best experienced and equipped
    for retail business

    Quick ISP

  • 2

    Based on
    Shinsegae standard framework

    Rapid Development

  • 3

    Expertise in retail industry
    in the era of digital transformation

    Complete Implementation

Key Business Areas and Achievements
Next-Generation Retail/Fashion
Next-Generation Retail/Fashion
Customer Name Project Name
Casamia CRM/Next-generation system development
Shinsegae Food Integrated logistics system development
emart24 Next-generation store system development
Chorocmaeul CRM and analysis system development
Emart24 Multi-type merchant settlement system development
Shinsegae International Cosmetics ERP/SAP development
Shinsegae Construction Next-generation system development
Chorocmaeul Legacy system integrated information system development
CJ Freshway Next-generation sales system development
Jestina Next-generation ERP development
Hyundai Automobile u-IT system development
Emart Online logistics system development
K2 Next-generation ERP development
Shinsegae DF Duty-free store integrated information system development
Starbucks Silent order development
Black Yak Next-generation ERP development
Descente Korea NEW RUN PROJECT
Shinsegae International Next-generation ERP development
Shinsegae Food Integrated system development
NEPA Next-generation ERP/SAP development
IT services for Public Institutions
IT services for Public Institutions
Customer Name Project Name
Korea Forest Service Forest recreation integrated platform development
Korail Retail Integrated information system development
Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency Digital animal disease control 4th phase
Incheon Port
SEM development
Incheon Port Authority Incheon Port logistics U-system 3rd phase
Korea Forest Service National forest datafication foundation-building Phase 2
Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency Digital animal disease control 3rd phase
Korea Forest Service National forest datafication foundation-building Phase 1
Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency Digital animal disease control 2nd phase