Educational Service

We provide all-in-one education solutions from learning platform service
designed to spur digital innovation to online/offline education and HRD BPO.


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SSG EDU, Life value up EDUTECH
Learning platform service for DT (Digital Transformation),
From online/offline education to contents development, diagnosis/consulting, and HRD BPO, Shinsegae I&C provides an all-in-one education solution.
  • Platform
    • Integrated educational platform (e-HRD)

      Provides integrated services such as education
      management, blended learning, OJT, coaching, and e-TEST

    • Micro Platform

      Provides contents services like micro-learning
      platform and video, web engine, and e-book

    • System maintenance & repair and subcontracted operation

      Draws up proposals for improving the operating system, function modifications, and subcontract services

  • Non-Contact Learning Service
    • E-learning, book learning education

      Establishment and operation of tailored education based on knowhow gained while running educational programs in system distribution, IT, construction, fashion, manufacturing and foreign languages

    • Video Tele-educational service (LIVE-On)

      Planning and operation of video tele-educational service on general subject matters / leadership / work / global topics

    • Development and supply of contents

      Development of diverse contents such as e-learning, video, and e-book customized for specific needs and purposes.

  • Offline Education
    • Development of group education programs

      Program planning and development,
      providing qualified professional instructors
      and operating group educational classes


      Planning and operation of job-related and
      common competency education; classes
      taught by highly skilled and vetted lecturers

    • Company-wide and echelon education

      Planning and operation of education on
      organizational culture, echelon, and

  • Diagnosis & Consulting
    • Diagnosis service

      Provides multi-dimensional competency
      diagnosis, behavior/tendency diagnosis,
      team/organization culture diagnosis

    • HRD consulting

      Provides needs analysis and system design as well as consulting including the establishment of educational systems

    • HRD BPO

      From education planning to operations of educational programs, subcontracted operations of value-for-money education programs at reasonable costs

  • Live-On Contactless Learning Offers a wide selection of course materials for active learning
    • Live Learning

      Provides expert training courses,
      preparatory courses for certificates and
      on-site collaboration courses via Zoom, Webex, Teams and more
      * 6 major IT areas: Blockchain, Cloud, DBA, IT Strategy, Information Security, SWA
      * 2 major DT areas: Data Analysis, AI Transformation

    • Metaverse for Learning

      Offers a customizable virtual space for large gatherings for learning, team building, exhibitions and more

Service Characteristics

User-centered functions with convenience as top priority
  • With just a few clicks, users can apply for classes be it an online educational program or a group educational program. Class schedules can also be viewed.
  • Through an intuitive, customizable UX/UI, customer companies get their own unique optimized learning environment.
  • With a simple login method, users can log in without having to memorize the ID or PW.
Learn many things simultaneously with blended learning!
  • The contents of the customer company and diverse education resources are all gathered and leveled up with SSD EDU’s blended learning function.
  • Educational courses mix e-learning, group education, and contactless contents.
Unimaginably powerful security management
  • Tight security features such as watermarks and screen capture prevention
  • Data and privacy management standards (recruitment of security experts with top reputations) that are stronger than what the government recommends
All-in-One Platform, SSG EDU
  • One-stop service for improving the skills of employees including competency diagnosis, IDP, OJT, coaching, e-TEST function, etc.
  • Organization, job and responsibility, informal e-learning possible anytime, anywhere through an independent micro platform for each brand