From cloud POS to membership and state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure,
we can recommend tailored solutions for digital transformations.

Public Cloud



From cloud infrastructure to security, data, and application, we provide
public cloud-based end-to-end IT service.
Cloud Infra(Deployment/ Operations) Cloud Native(Consulting·SI/SM) MSP Cloud-based end-to-end IT service Data Platform (Big Data·Analysis) SaaS·PaaS solution (Security· Traffic control, etc.)
Cloud-based End-toEnd IT
AWS Advanced Consulting Partner
As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Shinsegae I&C has
knowhow and experience in consulting, design, deployment,
and operation of cloud infrastructure specialized for the
offline/online retail industry.
  • First company in the
    Asia-Pacific Region to
    obtain AWS Retail
  • A large number of company
    employees hold AWS certifications.
    (professional and specialty grade)

Core Competencies

Cloud native
  • We can accelerate business innovations for customers by leveraging the strengths of the cloud computing model. Shinsegae I&C Cloud Native Offering
    • Micro Service
    • Container
    • DevOps
    • Serverless
Cloud data
  • We provide customer business insights through services like data collection, data analysis, and AI/ML service.
    • Data Warehouse
    • Big data
    • Data Lake
    • Data Analysis (AI/ML/Artificial intelligence)
Retail IT
cloud migration
  • We convert customer systems (e-Commerce, SCM, campaign) into cloud, transforming the systems into flexible environments that can accommodate business expansions.
    • e-Commerce
    • Marketing/Website
    • Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Key Services

01. Cloud consulting / Migration service
  • Suggest the direction (deployment strategy, TCO analysis, expected effects) for each form of customer business.
  • Propose optimal architecture, not just a lift & shift solution.
02. Cloud operations service (MSP)
  • Secure technology competency in key areas (DB/security/open source/DW) critical to cloud deployment.
  • Provide monitoring, IT cost-efficiency, and operations optimization model.
  • Provide cloud management platform (CMP) for operational status and management.
Cloud SI/SM
  • Deploy a cloud native system that utilizes modern IT technologies.
  • Apply methodology employed for the development of agile method-based projects.
  • Provide data warehouse and data lake deployment and BI to enterprise customers.
Security guide and 3rd-party solution
  • Propose public cloud security architecture.
  • Diagnose cloud weak points, provide middleware, encryption, and network/security-related solution.
SaaS/PaaS service
  • Possesses a product lineup consisting of large traffic management solution, system access control solution, cloud-based video platform, and screen protection service.

Case Study

S Company Beauty e-Commerce Service
The Challenge
  • An offline-online integrated e-Commerce system through which customers can purchase products anytime, anywhere.
The Solution
  • Provided infrastructure consulting to the client company so that it could build a system environment that permits flexibility and expandability for a rapidly changing e-Commerce business.
  • Given the characteristics of a multi-brand shop, frequent modifications and new additions must be carried out uninterrupted. This is the main reason micro-service architecture (MSA) design and automated distribution process were adopted.
The Benefits
  • Blue/Green deployment utilizing the CI/CD pipeline allows zero downtime implementation for the client.
Deployment of Partnership Card Management/Interconnecting
System for S Company
The Challenge
  • The launching of the client company (member)/card company partnership credit card necessitates the consolidated management of the card service.
  • An infrastructure and a system structure that could be linked with the on-frame legacy system and confirmed (data is reflected in real time) are needed.
  • Stable service between card company and customer company is needed.
The Solution
  • Implement a cloud native-oriented design through the choice of AWS-based MSA structure architecture.
  • Develop an infrastructure platform of stable container service.
  • Minimize impact between systems through the deployment of a secure API service infrastructure.
The Benefits
  • A flexible system that allows service expansion and service link-ups can be constructed.
  • Through a dedicated network set up between AWS and Client DC, a stable network could be constructed.
Construction of cloud storage for client D company
The Challenge
  • The problem of replacing system equipment when they reach retirement period.
  • A system that is capable of quickly handling increased number of users and diversified contents must be constructed.
  • Need to configure the on-premise system as a single system, anxiety over the lack of DR
The Solution
  • Convert the on-premise environment into an AWS cloud environment.
  • Reconstruct into open source and AWS RDS environment.
  • Take full advantage of cloud services like AWS security group, AZ, and auto-scaling.
The Benefits
  • With a cloud service that gauges the usage level, the TCO can be reduced, and the operation resources required can be minimized.
  • When the number of users explodes, the storage becomes auto-scaled and responds nimbly to the increase.