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With the industry’s best distribution IT experts, we provide digital technology based
IT services which could lead the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Commerce Platform

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SELLPICK, a cloud-based shopping mall platform, integrates multichannels
both on- and offline for small retailers and online sellers.
Shopping Mall Management : Product collection/registration, Order processing, Product bundles/free gift management
Delivery Management : Automatic invoice generation, Automatic invoice transmission, Support for multiple warehouses
Inventory Management : Quality management, Distribution of inventory, Large/bulk order monitoring
Sales Analysis : Revenue analysis, Inventory status, Sales trends


goodMD allows small and medium-sized distributors to manage complex data generated by sales, purchasing, order placement, and distribution. It is an integrated sales management system.
  • Retail System
    • Logistics management
    • Store management
    • Sales management
  • Fashion System
    • Specialized for fashion
    • Production management
    • Raw material management
  • Optional Service
    • Cloud POS integration
    • O2O store management
  • H/W
    • PDA
    • Barcode printer
    • Card Terminal


MessageSSG, a messaging service, processes up to 30,000 messages per minute and integrates seamlessly with legacy systems
간편한 문자전송 서비스 문자쓱-
Messaging Service : SMS/LMS/MMS ,Barcode MMS ,Alarm Tok/Friend Tok ,SK Bizchat
Server- linked Message Transfer Agent : 설치형 전송 모듈 (설명 필요),Customer support for settings and encryption
B2C Prepaid Website : Designed for small and medium-sized businesses, SMS website
B2B Messaging Website : CRM transmission,080 message rejection,File transmission