From cloud POS to membership and state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure,
we can recommend tailored solutions for digital transformations.

Private Cloud

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By transforming the complex and expensive legacy infrastructure into a Nutanix HCI-based cloud environment, Shinsegae I&C can provide the fastest, most convenient, and low-cost all-automated private cloud infrastructure.
% Deployment time (60 days→1 hr)

Server and storage
deployment time


Data center rack costs


(In comparison with)
legacy infrastructure adoption costs

% Failure handling time

Consolidate window through integrated structure for server/storage/SAN

Key Services

With many private cloud deployment experiences under its belt, Shinsegae I&C today involves its customers in all the processes (work analysis, design, technology verification (PoC/BMT), migration, and service opening) needed for reinventing the legacy infrastructure environment.
  • Consulting
    Establish plans for the most optimized infrastructure deployment plan.
    • Analyze system and services targeted for transformation.
    • Analyze costs (TCO, CAPEX/OPEX).
  • Technology verification
    Establish PoC / BMT plans and implement the plans.
    • Verify customer using a standardized inspection list (function, performance, etc.).
  • Architecture design
    Design infra architecture
    Optimize through resource scale design
  • Deployment
    Design deployment scenario
    Deploy cloud service
  • Open/Operation
    Relocate virtualization server (P2V, V2V)
    • Support for data relocation and service opening
    Operations management support
    • Maintenance repair / Education / Billing policy

Spharos CMP

Spharos CMP is the first cloud platform to commercialize a cloud process tailored for the enterprise environment using the Nutanix infrastructure.
Shinsegae I&C provides users a cloud usage experience as easy as a shopping mall and gives administrators a unified cloud operating environment that is efficient and convenient.
Auto Scalling, ITSM, Market place, metering & billing, Approval, Software License
Auto Scaling
  • Increase/Decrease of resources in real time to match the changes in the workload.
  • Provides ITIL-compliant quality control function that can be linked with the internal ITSM.
  • Easy purchase/ implementation/ registration/ distribution of enterprise- dedicated solutions.
Metering & Billing
  • Automated billing based on meter data, easy status checking through data visualization.
  • Provides a process for requesting resource and making changes.
Software License
  • Provides a service catalog with which solutions can be registered/ changed.
  • Facilitates status checking and license management.

Website Optimization

Shinsegae I&C delivers to Clientss companies a plan for maximizing the earnings of the online business through the optimization of web/mobile site content traffic and realizing the highest levels of website performance and the most optimal content operating costs
% Reduction


% Improvement

Website Loading Speed

% Cost saving

CDN cost Saving

% Increase


“ We can guarantee high-speed website and cost savings.”
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Case Study

Shinsegae I&C
Through the Nutanix system, Shinsegae I&C created several cases that were “firsts” in the industry, and it has been improving the competitiveness of its private cloud service in the process.
The largest in South Korea
  • Operate 200 nodes
    (2.5K VM, 70% are large conglomerates)
Provides total portal service
  • Establish billing system
Turn solutions into services
  • 5 types of SaaS service
  • 26 types of PaaS service
Uses the latest technology
  • Implement SDDC
  • High-performance DB conversion
  • First active DR
Implement AI, machine learning, Deep learning
  • Respond to the 4th Industrial Revolution
    (Supplies GPU Infrastructure)
Conglomerate “D”
For relocating the data center and SAP upgrade, Shinsegae I&C chose to implement Nutanix, and
the largest Unix-based SAP system was successfully converted using U2L technology in South Korea.
Largest SAP conversion (U2L) in South Korea
  • 32 systems for conversion
  • Used U2L (HPUX 🡪 Redhat)
  • Oracle conversion (HPUX 🡪 Nutanix)
Biggest number of legacy servers to be converted in a short time frame
  • A total of 115 HCI were converted
    - 36 HCI in logistics, 48 HCI in backbone, 32 HCI in SAP
Used for data center relocation
  • Used key system HCI technologies
  • SAP, logistics system, etc.
  • Used Nutanix duplication technology
Nutanix-based technology expansion
Conglomerate “S”
With South Korea’s first legacy Oracle ERP system and Windows-based Oracle RAC ECM system,
Shinsegae I&C successfully completed the conversion into Nutanix-based infrastructure
First case of Oracle ERP implementation in South Korea
  • Successful Windows +
    Oracle ERP + MS-SQL conversion
    - 30 systems were targeted (3 DB servers were converted)
Windows server +
Oracle RAC system implementation
  • Successful Windows-based Oracle RAC Nutanix conversion
  • 17 systems were targeted (2 DB servers were converted)
  • Conversion after OS upgrade, data migration


  • Dongwon
  • GS에너지
  • GS EPS
  • SINCE 1947 독립문
  • CJ ENM
  • KB 캐피탈
  • GS 글로벌
  • KERC
  • 29CM