Social Contributions

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An IT partner that creates a more warm-hearted world
A partner that uses IT technology to help with the successful transformation into a better society
Shinsegae I&C’s corporate vision of “Premier IT Partner & Value Creator” embodies the idea of becoming a partner that can help our customers succeed in their businesses with the best IT service in the world. By expanding this vision even to our social contribution activities, we are pursuing socially responsible corporate management as “an IT partner that creates a more warm-hearted world.”

To listen to the voices of diverse stakeholders, help transform our society into a better one by contributing to the creation of a mature civil society, and become a company that can imagine the future, we are utilizing our IT technologies for the social contribution activities that we are carrying out in various areas
  • Fostering IT Experts of the Future
  • Supporting the Growth of a Social Economy
  • Employee Volunteer Activities
Social Contributions
Social Contributions
Award Date History
Award DateNovember 30, 2023 HistoryKorea Donation for Education Awards 2023
Award DateJune 23, 2021 HistoryAwarded the 29th Good Corporation
Award by the Citizens’ Coalition for Economic Justice.
(Nonmanufacturing/Service Industry Sector)
Award DateOctober 23, 2019 HistoryKorea Donation for Education Awards 2019 (Deputy Prime Minister and Educate Minister’s Award)
Award DateApril 9, 2019 HistoryPresentation of donation at the Donation for Education Communication Conference 2019
Award DateNovember 28, 2018 HistorySocial Contribution Awards 2018 (Deputy Prime Minister’s/Ministry of Economy and Finance Minister’s Award)
Award DateNovember 22, 2018 HistoryAppreciation plaque, Donation for Education, at Korea Donation for Education Awards 2018
Award DateNovember 27, 2017 HistoryMayor of Seoul’s commendation for volunteer services in Seoul
Award DateJune 30, 2017 HistoryAppreciation Plaque from the Minister of Patriots and Veterans Affairs in Memoriam Month
Award DateMarch 18, 2014 HistroyCommendation as excellent support company from Community Chest of Korea


We help foster IT leaders of tomorrow.
IT Challenge: IT Career Experiences
We offer programs on coding and algorithms for young students who aspire to become IT experts.
IT Training
  • 232 schools

  • 854 classes

  • 19,303 students


* Activities from 2013 to 2023

Retail Tech Coding Class
Advanced program, ‘Retail Tech Coding Class’ The school develops and operates programs aligned with the free semester system to help students explore their career potential and develop an interest in IT. The class combines lectures on software concepts, coding, and problem-based learning (PBL) in which students use IT to solve problems that may occur in retail business including logistics and distribution, thereby allowing them to gain software knowledge and assess their IT aptitude based on their learning experiences.

The Free Semester Program: The program consists of participatory classes and a variety of experiential learning activities designed to help middle school students discover their talent and aptitude during one or two semesters, in which they can learn outside the classroom as opposed to taking conventional, knowledge and competition-focused classes.
“Hello New( ) World"
“Hello New( ) World" Hackathon Contest is a social innovation project that inspires high school students who aspire to become IT experts. This project nurtures creative leaders of the future who will give back to society with their talents. We provide technical advice and financial support to passionate and innovative participants for their projects and start-ups.

Envisioning Hope

We support the growth of social enterprises and the social economy ecosystem.
Shinsegae I&C provide subsidies, technologies, consulting and networking to social enterprises to encourage their sustainable growth.
Businesses we support
* In alphabetical order
Year Enterprises
  • LabSD,inc.
  • MediaLAB walk together co. Ltd
  • NaeYiLuLi
  • Waro Company
  • Yune inc.
  • Local & Life InC.
  • Mindle Maum
  • SM Planet
  • The Greet
  • We Plant
  • Brother’s keeper
  • Danceable Helen Keller
  • Momjobgo
  • Social cooperative menTory
  • FNJ
  • Rightroot
  • Villano
  • 88 Hood
  • Green Star
  • Ium Community
  • Life Magic Care Cooperative
  • Sheco
  • Amuse Travel
  • Happy Every Cooperative
  • NASC
  • Tictoccroc
  • Between Letters and Records
  • Stam People Cooperative
  • Wizon Cooperative
  • Yumei
  • Asian Herb
  • AUD Social Cooperative
  • Todak Todak Cooperative
  • Big Walk
  • Jari

Sharing Hope

We help our neighbors in need through a number of employee-driven outreach programs.
Employee Volunteer Activities
All of our employees volunteer to participate in outreach programs. We work together with civic groups, volunteer centers and a number of NGOs.
Hope Delivery Campaign
Both Shinsegae I&C and employees make equal donations as part of social contributions.
매칭그랜트(matching grant) Employee donations + Corporate subsidies = Social contributions