Digital Retail

The start of smart retail space where retail tech is integrated,
we deliver a new shopping experience to consumers.

Smart Infrastructure

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With efficient, economical smart infrastructure, Shinsegae I&C provides the best consulting, design, and construction services for distribution facilities (shopping malls, department stores, and supermarkets), apartments, buildings, logistics, factories, and smart cities and delivers high customer satisfaction through the services.

Intelligent Building System

A total solution providing the most ideal building operation management system that can meet customer needs using information communication, building automation, integrated security, and image & sound technology.
Intelligent Building System
Information Communication : Structured cabling, LAN, Data processing room
Building Automation : Facility automation control, Lighting automation control, Electric power automation control, BEMS, Parking control/Parking guidance, Eco-friendly energy vehicle charging system
Video & Audio : Public address system, LED media, AV facility, Stage lighting, Promotion DID MATV & CATV
Integrated Security : Intelligent CCTV, VMS system, Biometrics-based access control, AI face recognition vision technology
Intelligent Building System


This is a solution that analyzes the energy usage levels with Big Data and AI technology and uses the data to set the operation of facilities and equipment at the most optimal level, thereby resulting in a reduction in wasted energy.
  • AI-based automated energy control
    • Control operation with optimized energy efficiency using Deep Learning-based AI technology.
    • Energy-related data analysis, real-time monitoring, and automation control
  • Energy management cost savings
    • Cost savings through energy consumption diagnosis/consulting
    • Energy-related equipment history management and fault analysis

Smart City

This is a solution for smart urban environments that can solve many urban problems, suggest an urban model for improving the quality of life, and provide innovative technologies that could be combined with the urban infrastructure.
Smart City
Smart traffic system, AI energy management, Digital twin, Blockchain, Customized culture service, Innovative theme park, Smart education system, Robot technology, Create a city with state-of-the-art water supply infrastructure, Intelligent safety system, AR/VR-based city administration, Healthcare system
Smart City

Home & Office

As one of the most notable services of the smart residential environment, this service utilizes IT equipment to enable video calls, security control, IoT, energy control, and appliance control for a more comfortable home life.
Digital Convergence
Smart baggage, Remote meter reading, Unmanned delivery, Connection to home appliances, Security monitoring, Smart ventilation, Connection to parking
Digital Convergence
This a service that integrates the different IT systems of an office environment in order to provide a smart office space where users can enjoy the benefits of improved work productivity, low operating costs, and strengthened security.
Smart Office
Intelligent CCTV, Shared seating system, Convenience robot solution, Smart conference room, IoT office equipment, Biometrics-based access control, Energy management and control, Smart lighting control, Smart air control
Smart Office


This service connects the data collected by various sensors and analyzes the data comprehensively. It supports the communication protocol for collecting data and provides a convenient, user-centered usage environment.
Smart Store : Smart control (temperature/humidity, electricity, energy), Security management (intelligent CCTV, access control), Equipment movement monitoring (showcase, refrigerator), Heat map, people counter (marketing strategy) Smart Ventilation System : Indoor air quality measurement, Wallpad-based air quality status display, Air-conditioning system control → Automatic adjustment of air quality, Provides user convenience through the adoption of a mobile app. Safety IoT : Manage entry/exit of workers and their locations and health status, Control of access to danger zones (falls, collisions), Pollution level surveillance in closed areas, Manage the location of assets/equipment, Smart evacuation guidance system Smart Farm : Smart temperature/humidity control, Control of water supply and air-conditioning equipment, Management of produced goods, Daily sunlight exposure control (LED lights)


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