Spharos is the brand of Shinsegae I&C, an innovator in retail industry


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Brighten Tomorrow Spharos.

Spharos is Shinsegae I&C’s own brand of Cloud and AI solutions and
represents our vision as a global digital retail leader.


Brighten Tomorrow


A lighthouse helped sailors explore vast, uncharted waters around the world.
In 280 B.C, the Pharos of Alexandria, the first lighthouse ever built, turned the city into a center of commerce.

Today’s retail industry is not too different from uncharted waters, full of possibilities and unpredictability. There are too many solutions out there, making it more challenging than ever to find the right solution for your business. Let Spharos be your guide. What it has to offer is your voyage to success.

Spharos will light up tomorrow’s retail.


  • Flexible & Optimized
    Based on our “Customer First” philosophy,
    we provide customer-oriented solutions to meet the needs of our customers.
  • Efficient & Connected
    Our solutions, both efficient and affordable,
    pave the way to tomorrow’s business.
  • Enabling & Innovative
    Spharos can turn what you envision into reality.